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Rune Grammofon    
In The country : this was the pace of my heartbeat (NO,2005)*°°

Morten Qvenild used to be part of the duo Suzanna and the Magical Orchestra, together with Susanna Wallumrød, with one release on the same label. He wrote for Jazz singer Solveig Slettahjell, was an active member for Jaga Jazzist, and from the group Shining from start to end, with another release on the same label, and from The National Bank another group, in poprock style, with some Jaga Jazzist members.

‘In The Country’ started as a piano trio in 2003 with Roger Arntzen, bass and Pal Hulksen, drums. According to the press notes they were quickly noticed as being some of the most promising new jazz artists. Inspirations of Morton vary from Ryan Adams (including a cover of his), Händel with the interpretation of Händel´s” Laschia Ch´io Pianga”), Messiaan & Morton Feldman, to Dylan and Dolly Parton.

It is very improvised melodic pianomusic, like a sad movie-improvisation, often mixed with minimal somewhat free percussion, or with soft jazzy passages of bass and percussion. Just here and there the mood is a bit different with use of  experimental metallic background sounds. Also "Viggo" tends to uplift the tempo, with some more to the foreground percussion and vocals lala-ing along the line. I liked especially the use of a few prepared piano notes on "aerial dark bright round". Last track is a very special Händel interpretation.

Published : 20.03.2005